How To Find Your Bra Size In 30 Seconds

You’re probably wearing a bra nowhere near your actual size as you read this!

In fact, most mommas (& women in general) don’t find a proper fitting bras for years.

Of course that sounds ridiculous, but after a while you’ve gotten used to whatever size you wear, making it your norm.

Try your actual size on and it’ll feel like a whole new world of comfort - you may even look forward to wearing bras. Good thing it’s so easy to find your proper size!

First you’ll want to measure your band size. Take a tape measure and place it right under your breasts and around your back. Make sure the tape measure is snug around your body and doesn’t have any gaps. If you’re between band sizes (for example 35), you can either size up or down (to a 34 or 36).

Next you’ll want to measure your cup size. Place the tape measure on the fullest part of your breasts (nipple area) and wrap it around your back. Don’t worry about the tape measure being too snug, there can be a bit of a gap here.

After you’ve measured yourself, all you have to do is subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement (in inches) and the difference is your cup size.

A 1 inch difference would be an A cup, 2 would be a B, 3 is a C, 4 is a D, 5 is a DD (E), 6 is a DDD (F) and so on.

So for example, if your band measurement is a 34 and your cup measurement is a 38, your bra size is a 34D.

Now that you know your actual bra size, it’s time to grab a new one and see what bras are supposed to feel like!

Bit of a chore, I know - especially if you’re a soon-to-be momma! So I’ve actually done all the work for you and created an extremely comfy maternity bra with a perfect fit guarantee (if you order the wrong size, we’ll send you a replacement for free :)

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Oh, and before I forget, since I mentioned two different cup sizings (DD - F, DDD - G etc), below are two international bra size conversion charts!

International Bra Size Conversions

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